CPG Advanced Course, 21-22 October 2017

CPG Advanced Course, 21-22 October 2017

The COSA Cancer Pharmacists Group (CPG) hosted their 7th Advanced Clinical Practice Course from Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd October 2017 at the Rydges Melbourne.

The seminar was designed for pharmacists who have a broad experience of working in cancer services with a good base knowledge of cancer therapeutics, to help them further develop their knowledge and skills.

The 2017 program included a wide variety of presentations and interactive workshops aimed at the advanced cancer pharmacy practitioner, with sessions on the following topics:

  • An overview of the new and emerging classes of immunotherapy agents including T-cell therapies, vaccines and CAR-T therapies
  • Clinical update on the management of genitourinary malignancies: prostate, renal and bladder cancers
  • Management of cancer pain 
  • Fertility preservation and pregnancy during chemotherapy
  • Practical considerations for kinetics of renally cleared chemotherapy agents including discussion of carboplatin dosing, practicalities of treating with nephrotoxic drugs and chemotherapy dosing in patients on renal replacement therapies
  • Therapeutic update on lymphomas, followed by lymphoma patient case studies delivered by cancer pharmacists
  • For practice development of advanced cancer pharmacists, interactive sessions on:
    • COSA Chemotherapy Guidelines application in clinical practice with a focus on development and upskilling of junior pharmacists
    • Leadership development for senior pharmacists

We hope you enjoyed the 7th Advanced Clinical Practice Course!

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Gail Rowan 
Jenny Casanova